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Yacht & Motorboat Delivery
Yacht & Motorboat Delivery
Yacht & Motorboat Delivery
Yacht & Motorboat Delivery
Yacht & Motorboat Delivery

At FrontRow we only hire skippers and crew that are willing to represent the company in a professional manner and take pride in their work. "I have sailed with and assessed each and every one of our Skippers!" Mervyn Down, Managing Director, "Unlike most delivery companies who rely on desperation of sailors to get into the industry, all our crew are professionals and get
paid accordingly.....because they are worth it!"


will be of minimum of RYA/MCA Commercial Yachtmaster Offshore and have significant experience. We also have RYA/MCA Instructors for assisted passages/delivery and/or to give you own boat tuition.

First Mates

are the Captains' right hand man. They too will be a minimum of RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore, and are likely to be future Captains.


will be a minimum of RYA/MCA Day Skipper, and are more often than not filled by sailors wanting to gain experience or mile building.
If you think you have what we are looking for please fill in our Crew Registration. form. Please do not call the office direct, we will get in touch with you once you have completed the on-line application form. We are also pleased to help students who are on their way to qualification or are qualified to gaining work or experience. If you are interested in joining our crews please do not hesitate to fill in our Crew Registration form and we will contact you for an interview.