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Yacht & Motorboat Delivery
Yacht & Motorboat Delivery
Yacht & Motorboat Delivery
Yacht & Motorboat Delivery
Yacht & Motorboat Delivery
  • Yacht Delivery Service | Front-Row Marine Management and Maintenance

    There's an old saying that goes - “Work commitments to pay for boat, leaves no time to service boat!”
    Well, we say “Let us take that burden off of you!”
    At FrontRow we can take on the complete management and/or maintenance of your yacht, which requires a huge amount of maintenance and attention not only to keep them operating smoothly but more importantly for safety! The nature of yacht ownership also means that yachts rarely stay in the same port for long. We aim to alleviate the constant stress of finding new guardians and service agents. Staff will fly to any location in Europe and undertake all the maintenance, from engine servicing to rig checks. This is also paramount to keeping the maintenance log up to date and validating your Warranty!

    We provide a wide range of services that include but are not limited to:

    • Scheduled Servicing – Bespoke service plans tailored to meet your needs, keeping safety equipment, spares and all your engines and equipment up to date.
    • Commissioning at the start of a season.
    • Detailed interior and exterior cleaning.
    • Repairs ad fault finding.
    • Engine and generator servicing.
    • Rigging, de-commissioning and winterisation.
    • Refits with full project management.

    We then provide central office support to ensure that all maintenance, spares, gardiennage and other issues are handled systematically.